Professional Editing Services for Writers and Publishers


Writers and publishers know there are few things more difficult than producing a manuscript, and few things more valuable than a skilled editor to refine and polish that manuscript when it's time for submission or publication.

That, in short, is what I do. I've been working in the field for over 25 years. I do both fiction and nonfiction. 

I frequently work with first-time writers; some who are hoping for traditional publishing, some who have decided on self-publishing. I'm happy to discuss your manuscript and to answer your questions. 

I offer a full menu of editorial services, including developmental editing, substantive (aka line) editing, copyediting, and proofreading. (Look under the "about" tab for more on this.) I no longer offer ghostwriting services for full-length manuscripts. 

Have a look around. If you have any questions, please use the contact form to ask.

Projects in-progress or recently completed:

Dev Edit Immigration/Media Studies monograph.
Publish/Edit   Small business handbook.
Publish/Edit Essays, nonfiction.
CopyEdit        Christian fiction.
CopyEdit Art book.
CopyEdit Memoir.
CopyEdit Academic articles, Russian history.
CopyEdit Synopsis.
CopyEdit Book proposal, nonfiction.
Ghostwrite     True crime, historical.
CopyEdit        Academic journal.
Sub Edit         Memoir.
CopyEdit        Business handbook.
CopyEdit        Urban Fiction.
Sub Edit         Urban fiction.
CopyEdit YA fiction.
CopyEdit        Academic journal.
Dev. Edit        Memoir.
Dev. Edit        Politics. 
Critique.         Commercial contemporary fiction.
Ghostwrite     Nonfiction, book. 19thC American history.
Ghostwrite     Nonfiction, article on 20thC Russian writer.
Sub. Edit        Speculative fiction, thriller.
CopyEdit        Historical paranormal romance.
Sub. Edit         Erotic romance, thriller.
Sub. Edit         Urban fiction.

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